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Confessions of a Millennial Bride

Some say the Millennial Bride is ruining wedding industries, by being too poor for an extravagant wedding to being too hipster to buy diamonds. Is it true?


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Table Tips

Faux Cake? It was a beautiful. “The wedding was fabulous of course, but did you SEE the cake?! I still can’t believe most of it was fake!!”


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Faux Cake

Faux Cake? It was a beautiful. “The wedding was fabulous of course, but did you SEE the cake?! I still can’t believe most of it was fake!!”


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Finesse Your Wedding Day Glo-Up

People often say couples radiate a special “inner glow” on their wedding day. However, some of us do need a little help reaching peak perfection! Glo-Up!


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Tasteful Guideline to Posting Online

Tasteful Guideline to Posting Online: #WeddingGoals   No one is more excited over your impending nuptials than you are, but with that said: No one is going to stay as hyped up as you about every little detail of your wedding. Here’s how to keep your wedding posts under control and #classy! The Engagement This ...

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Your Own Wedding Website

Will You Say “Yes” to Your Own Wedding Website?   You’ve spent days devouring Pinterest for wedding inspiration, pursued wedding forums for advice with more finesse than the most seasoned F.B.I. agent and may have checked Google more than a few times for what seems to be basic, common sense in wedding etiquette. Don’t worry, ...

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To the Newly Engaged

Open Letter to the Nervous Newly Engaged   It’s finally happened! You look down at your left hand to see a ring that's beauty can only be rivaled by your radiance as a soon-to-be Mrs. As a newly engaged bride, you couldn’t be happier starting to think about your future life as a wife. The ...

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The Oprah Dilemma

The Oprah Dilemma: Your Wedding Invitations   “You get an invitation! You get an invitation! Everyone gets an invitation!” Sound familiar? One of the most common complaints you’ll hear from a bride is that her future mother-in-law or parents are trying to take over some aspect of the wedding. It comes as no surprise that ...

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Hey Dolls!

Hey Dolls! Hey Dolls! I'm so excited to be featured on The Bride Speaks with you this week! For those of you who may not be familiar with me, I'm Stephanie Theriot, Personal Stylist of Style With Steph, and Fashion Editor of MOTIF Magazine. Today I'm giving you 5 special tips on HONEYMOON PACKING, something ...

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Beautiful Bride

Beautiful Bride Beautiful bride Meredith Gil married handsome groom Derek Champagne (he actually has a twin brother!) at the historic Charleston Hotel in downtown Lake Charles, and it was quite the soiree. Built in 1929, the Charleston was Lake Charles' first "skyscraper," and has been restored to its former glory, creating a spectacular venue for ...