A Simple Gifting Guide |

A Simple Gifting Guide

“Registry” is synonymous with weddings, but around the holiday season, it can be a bit of an obstacle. If you want to buy a couple a gift for a special time that has nothing to do with their wedding, then you won’t want to select an item off their registry as it would be improper social/wedding etiquette. Fortunately, if you aren’t sure of the couple’s sense of taste or can’t find anything you would like to gift them, there are a few perfect things that anyone would adore!

Crème de la Crème
For those of you who feel the couple enjoys or deserves the finer things in life, look no further than luxurious home items. Whether they need a little some extra to have in their home or can never get enough luxe in their life I recommend buying things that make their life feel expensive:

  • Champagne: Every engaged couple is on a non-stop celebratory high from the proposal all the way to the moment they spend their first few days at home after the honeymoon as the new “Mr. & Mrs.”! Add to all the wedding pomp and splendor by gifting them one of the most amazing brands of champagne. https://www.vogue.com/article/most-beautiful-champagne-bottles-to-gift
  • Bed Sheets: There is nothing better in the world than the feeling of sleeping in divine luxury sheets. Everyone has to go to bed at some point so why not do it in comfort and style that anyone can cherish in the long term? (Brooklinen sheets come highly recommended among all sheets!)
  • Fine China/Porcelain: One of the best ways to show off a little extra class in anyone’s home is to display a gorgeous set of fine china in view of any area where guests are usually present. This is one gift that will be put to use no matter what!

***While the price for most of these items may seem a tad excessive, it’s a one time splurge towards this couple so don’t be afraid to go big or go home!!

A Small Gesture
Some couples seem to have just about everything, and they’re known for their biggest indulgence in life being a healthy self-served slice of humble pie. This kind of couple would appreciate anything gifted to them and simply aren’t looking for anything in particular. The best gift for this couple is something from the heart that adds a little something special to their quaint life:

  • Electronic Picture Frame: People love the idea of having one of these frames, but many won’t purchase one for themselves. Couples with their wedding journey ahead of them will definitely need some new frames so why not buy them one that will take the place of a few they were probably going to buy anyway?
  • Monogrammed Couple’s Pajamas: Weddings are a journey, and so is your entire life. One thing everyone learns they love on that journey? We all LOVE to sleep!! Homebodies will especially appreciate sleepwear that is nice for bed and cozy enough to wear around the house! The couple’s new name monogram is just a nice touch on an already wonderful gift they’re sure to enjoy.
  • Netflix Subscription (Or any video service): You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t watch movies, t.v., or beloved streaming-only series on some sort of viewing subscription. Try buying a subscription to a popular service the couple doesn’t already have access to or get them started with Netflix if they aren’t subscribed to anything. (I recommend looking at Amazon Firesticks for this gift idea! As long as the recipient has an Amazon account, the Firestick can access many pre-existing subscriptions on any t.v. and comes with free content with Amazon Prime.)

***Almost any item used day to day can be bought and monogrammed for couples!! From napkins to towels to purses or laptop cases, couples will enjoy seeing their new married name anywhere to add to their wedding thrill (specifically the bride-to-be)!

Few and Far In-Between
Not every couple follows a cookie cutter outline of what a couple “should” be. While there certainly are couples that fall under the umbrella of a general type, (“Goofy,” “Homebodies,” “Completely Extra,” “Competitive,” “Bougie” etc.) every couple is a unique set. They will like things that are unique to their relationship that can’t be found on a generic gift list. Instead of suggesting for you what might be good for your bride-and-groom-to-be, I’m going to recommend sites to check out that are just as individualized as them:

***I personally have used and completely recommend the site “Uncommon Goods” for gifts with that one-of-a-kind feel to them!


If you don’t know what size the couple wears, the size of their bed, or which specific thing they would enjoy the most, you can always give them a gift card to pick one of the items out themselves! Just add a thoughtful card with the card, and you’ll be set for the season!

Loren Swilley

Loren Swilley
Columnist | The Bride Speaks

Art Work by Ariel Landry

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