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How to Finesse Your Wedding Day Glo-Up


People often say couples radiate a special “inner glow” on their wedding day. However, some of us do need a little help reaching peak perfection! I want to share with you the best way to bring out your skin’s beauty that will keep you glowing from the alter to your honeymoon.

“Every breathtaking masterpiece starts out with exemplary canvas!”

Hire a Professional

Everyone regardless of gender, age, or the amount of breakouts they experience, should have a good dermatologist! If you don’t have one currently, I’d recommend calling your primary care doctor for a referral to an amazing dermatologist that is right for you. The only issue with turning to a professional for help before your wedding, is time. If your skin needs more than a little assistance for you to look your absolute best, I recommend getting treatment with a consultation at least six months before your wedding. This will allow time for your skin to adjust itself if need be and have plenty of time to correct any occuring issues before taking on anymore stress, taking any photos, and your wedding day!

Touch Ups

While having a good dermatologist is great for those of us with recurring skin issues or simply as a means of effective damage control, I would ask your dermatologist about any in-house services they could recommend for your skin to experience a little pick-me-up! Most dermatology offices have their own estheticians that provide services like chemical peels, microdermabrasions, microneedling, laser treatment for acne scarring, subcision, etc. These treatments are usually done in a single day which, depending on your skin needs, you may be advised to do more than one of over a period of time. I recommend if you or your dermatologist feel you could benefit from any of these treatments, do it at least four months before your wedding. This will give you time to see whether or not you like the condition your skin is in after treatment while allowing time for corrective procedures if anything is to your disliking.

A Word of Advice: Before you rush out to get anything done to your face, know that a few options (such as a chemical peel or the famous vampire facial) will need special post-care and a few days to properly heal. This shouldn’t put you off from improving your skin quality, but you should plan your schedule around it accordingly. You don’t want to repeat SATC Samantha’s chemical peel nightmare!

Spray Tans

Many of us don’t have the time to lounge around sunbathing everyday to work on achieving the perfect tan. That’s why it is perfectly acceptable to get a spray tan in order to look like a gorgeously tanned God/Goddess for your wedding! A quick word of advice, don’t get a spray tan the week before. For guys. I would make sure your choice of tan approved by your significant other and photographer. No one wants to commemorate the day they looked like a dolled up Oompa Loompa! For you ladies, I suggest trying out a spray tan three months before the wedding to find the perfect shade to compliment your makeup and to make sure your tan won’t wear off on your pristine white gown the day of. A good way to take advantage of your extra tan, would be to do a trial run of your hair and makeup to see if this is the look you want ahead of time. This way you can adjust your vision accordingly if the idea you had in your head isn’t as amazing as you wanted it to be for the wedding.

We’re all people who can pride ourselves on being us! Thus, these are merely suggestions for you to try. If you have a routine that works for you, don’t run off in search of perfection when all you have to do is look in a mirror!

Loren Swilley

Loren Swilley
Columnist | The Bride Speaks

Art Work by Ariel Landry

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