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Tasteful Guideline to Posting Online: #WeddingGoals


No one is more excited over your impending nuptials than you are, but with that said: No one is going to stay as hyped up as you about every little detail of your wedding. Here’s how to keep your wedding posts under control and #classy!

The Engagement

This will be one of the biggest highlights to share from here to the altar. However, you want to avoid shedding any bad light on your newly diamond christened finger. This means limiting your posts to preferably up to three photos and/or a short video with a simple, sweet display of your ring. Only your closest #bffs will want the five-minute video of you waving your hand around to show off every possible angle! Most followers also won’t want to see a #humblebrag close up of it either, except me, I am the exception to that rule—I do want to see the close up. Make the ring a focal point of your photo and include your new fiancé! He is just as noteworthy in this moment as your ring.

Hint: Give your engagement hashtag some thought! It’s easy to pick something popular and lazy, so make it unique or at least avoid thoughtless clichés. Why use #ISaidYes when you wouldn’t have posted this if #ISaidNo?  Of course, you said ‘Yes’, that’s why we’re here!

Wedding Journey

I won’t lie to you, this will be a hard time for you to keep from oversharing. You have so much time from now until the wedding that you’ll want to update everyone on all the wedding preparations you’re involved in, just don’t be that girl who shares daily about her #weddingbreakfastdiet. If life was a competition, you’re already winning with your future husband and gorgeous ring that’s #goals! No need to go the extra mile with a diet the rest of us are too lazy to stay on. Just remember: You will always be #bodygoals no matter what the bathroom scale says!

Stick to making only a few posts of your wedding plans for more major moments such as your bridal shower or appreciation posts of things like your bridal party or early wedding gifts. Under sharing will keep your guests awestruck at the wedding and give them more things to look forward to on the big day. Everyone loves surprises!

Hint: The #1 post to avoid making is your wedding day countdown (unless the days are single digits). Relentlessly reminding everyone on a daily basis for months on end that your big day is approaching can annoy people while attracting unwanted criticism as an attention seeker.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

It goes without saying not to post a ton of #drunkselfies online just because you’re having the time of your life. Keep in mind: If you wouldn’t want your in-laws to see it, don’t post it. Remember this IS a party, so make the most of it by living in the moment and creating memories to laugh over in the years to come! The best thing to do is get everyone together for a few decent pictures as a group and separately with the guest of honor before anyone becomes too inebriated. Try letting the guest of honor post an overall group photo and tag everyone in it. Meanwhile, the guests can post photos of themselves in smaller groups or with the future Mr./Mrs.

Hint: Try putting the phones away for the latter half of the evening to avoid any regretful mishaps!

The Wedding

This is the moment your dear followers have been waiting for! For all of those not in attendance it would be heavenly to get a glimpse of all the hard work you put into making this day #flawless. Now is the time for the famous hanging wedding dress photo, pictures of the bridesmaids/groomsmen all together for personality candids, and drool worthy snaps of your perfect venue before the guests arrive. Try setting out a personalized sign or announcement board with the hashtag of your preference to make all your guest’s posts easy to find and as an awesome part of the wedding decor. This is definitely an opportunity to be creative, so take this chance to show off and play up your new married name!

Hint: It’s nice to establish a wedding hashtag everyone can use to keep all the wedding posts together but do save it for the big day. The overuse of your hashtag in posts during the months leading up to your wedding may run the risk of appearing ostentatious.

Your Honeymoon

As tempting as it will be to post every little thing you encounter on your honeymoon, because of how happy you are and the fact you’re probably somewhere you’ve never been before, don’t. The honeymoon is there for you to enjoy your new spouse while relaxing after all the hard work you put into wedding planning. Think of it this way: You wouldn’t appreciate your S.O. staying glued to their phone on date night so don’t stay on yours during your honeymoon! Post a few simple pictures to show off how wonderful your trip is but try and resist the urge to post until you come home. Have fun, relax, and enjoy your #weddingbliss!

Hint: We all miss the rush of our wedding plans. Why not keep the buzz going by throwing a post-wedding viewing party? You can show off all your saved honeymoon videos and photos to everyone when you return home along with your favorite professional snaps from the wedding with some #champagne!

Loren Swilley

Loren Swilley
Columnist | The Bride Speaks

Art Work by Ariel Landry

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