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The Boutique Bridal Show includes over 50 of the area’s leading experts in the industry. Our event allows you “face to face” interaction with your target market, as you display your products and services and engage with brides and grooms. Our exhibitors are provided with friendly customer service and detailed information to help them be prepared before each show. We create a good diversity of exhibitors in each show and place limitations on each exhibitor category.


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    Frequently asked questions

    Why should I be part of the show?

    Whether you own a boutique, entertain at weddings or provide any type of wedding services, bridal fairs are a cost-effective way to reach your targeted wedding customer base. Most bridal shows will bring in brides, friends and family members. These brides are ready to plan their wedding in its entirety, which means they are ready to discuss booking your services. Because bridal fairs are the best way to reach potential customers, it is imperative that wedding vendors get as much as they can from the bridal show experience.

    Do you limit the number of vendors at the show?

    Yes. We are limited to a maximum total number of vendors (depending on the show venue, normally 30-50), and we also limit the number of vendors in each category (typically 3-4 vendors from each category).

    As the show date gets closer, we do have some flexibility and will occasionally add an extra booth to a particular category. This would only happen if the space allowed enabled enough distance between the categories.

    Can I bring extra people to help me work my booth?

    Yes. In fact, that’s a great idea! Especially for the first couple of hours, the show can be very busy, so it’s a good idea to have an extra person or two. Please keep it reasonable (2-3 people should be plenty) and be courteous of your neighbors and our space limitations. It’s also a great idea to have someone help you setup and breakdown.

    Can we do giveaways or special promotions at the show?

    Though not required, you are free to offer prizes and discounts, and you can have a drawing at your booth. We try not to get involved in the giveaways, but we encourage you to offer them if you like. They can be a great way to get brides to give you their contact info.

    Can we sell products at the show?

    We do not prohibit you from selling your product or service at the show. But keep in mind, many brides are not in “buying mode” at a bridal show. They are looking for information. A bridal show can be a noisy and hectic place to try and do business, and you might find a more effective approach is to collect contact information for follow up, and set an appointment to have the bride visit you for a consultation after the show, when you have each other’s full attention.


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