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    MIMOSA Handcrafted Cake Pull collection

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    The MIMOSA Handcrafted Cake Pull collection is Southern-inspired, and each pendant was hand carved by Madeline Ellis and cast in bronze in our local Louisiana studio. The pieces can be added to a bracelet or necklace or however you’d like to hold on to such a sweet memento.


    The tradition of cake pulls dates to Victorian times. The bride would place tiny charms of fortune in the wedding cake for her friends.


    The ceremony was called the “cake pull” and is still practiced today, particularly thriving in the South.


    The charms are attached to ribbons and placed inside the already baked cake. Chosen wedding party members and guests are invited by the happy couple to pull a charm from the cake before it is cut. Each charm tells a unique fortune or prediction for the future and is a sweet memento of the celebration.


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