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Hey Dolls! I’m so excited to be featured on The Bride Speaks with you this week! For those of you who may not be familiar with me, I’m Stephanie Theriot, Personal Stylist of Style With Steph, and Fashion Editor of MOTIF Magazine. Today I’m giving you 5 special tips on HONEYMOON PACKING, something I get asked about quite often.

I mean really, how many of you are guilty of packing 35 outfits for a weekend trip? Can you imagine having to narrow down for your actual honeymoon??  I LOVE helping people pack for trips, it’s kinda one of my favorite services (although TBH I hate packing for myself). For me, it’s not just about creating looks, it’s about the shocking look on my clients’ faces when they realize how LITTLE they actually have to pack. And then the EXCITEMENT that follows. Here’s a couple of tips to help ease the stress of packing:

1. Pack Versatile Pieces: This may sound pretty broad, but it’s true. Whether you’re going to a tropical island or wine tasting in Italy, a huge time saver is packing items that you can wear multiple times or multiple ways. For example, I once had a client who went to Italy in the middle of October. I was able to get away with packing her only one leather jacket and one anorak for the rainy days.

2. Jersey: Jersey is your best traveling companion. Jersey doesn’t wrinkle and is easy to pack. A little jersey dress is also the perfect day to night piece. Which brings me to tip #3…

3. Day to Night Pieces: Again, wherever you end up going, day to night pieces will keep you from over packing. Simple slip dresses and rompers are easy to wear with a flip-flop or sneaker for the day, and wedges or heels at night.

4. Dry Shampoo & Perfume Samples: Traveling can be exhausting. And smelly. Most of us want to arrive at our destination looking fresh & bright, but in reality, we smell like the old man who sat beside you on the plane and airport food. When you arrive, freshen up your do with some dry shampoo from your carry-on and a spritz of something yummy.

5. Pack a Hand-Steamer: Obviously, most of your clothes will be wrinkled, especially that silky little dress you packed. Hand steamers now come in travel sizes and you can buy one for as cheap as $10, it’s worth packing, believe me!

Style with Steph

I hope some of you have found these tips helpful! XOXO Steph

Stephanie Theriot, Stylist & MOTIF Magazine Fashion Editor | Style With Steph

photos by LeeAnn B. Stephan

Style with Steph
Style with Steph
Style with Steph

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