Why Choosing Your Venue First Matters |

Why Choosing Your Venue First Matters


November 21, 2017


She stood behind the drawn, lace curtains marking the aisle’s entryway. These curtains had hung in her grandmother’s house. Now they were hers. She delicately passed her right hand over the fabric, overcome with emotion. Holding back joyful tears. The day was finally here. The waiting over.


The sun was hidden behind the midday clouds, offering a haze to surround the lovers. Wisps of baby’s breath placed in slender, clear bottles daintily lined the pathway to her beloved, while majestic oak trees draped over the honored guests in this peaceful, open-aired sanctuary.

Such simplistic beauty.

She could not have picked a more picturesque place to become a Mrs.

The harmonious sound of Lover’s Waltz whirled off the violinist’s strings and danced on the lawn, cueing the opening of the curtains. She took three long, deep breaths, held her father’s arm and together they took their first steps down the aisle. It was her first transitional step from the man who first held her heart to the man who now held it intertwined with his.

Several light gasps resounded as her friends and family gazed upon her beauty. All eyes on her, the Lady of the Hour. As she made her way down the aisle, her eyes locked with his, bringing such immeasurable peace.

In this space, she felt the most connected to everything—nature, her family, her faith. In this space, she felt naturally beautiful, embalmed in the transcendent amber of Love.

What if She was you?

What if I told you She can be you. Every bride deserves to feel this special. And every bride can. It is attainable.

How then?

The first step is to choose a venue that will capture you in this way. Lay to rest all other decisions to be made. Lay to rest others’ expectations. Lay to rest any other burden you’re feeling because once the venue is set, the tone is set for everything else.

Let it be a peaceful tone. For where peace begins, there it can also reside. And where it resides, it has the ability to embalm you, just like She, in the transcendent amber of Love.

Wherever that place may be.

But start there. Everything else should be second fiddle.


— Angela C. Lalande

A lover of words, vintage books, and all things creative, Angela has a passion for storytelling and a desire to speak inspiration into the lives around her. She believes in being an intentional friend, a nurturer of relationships—starting at home with her husband, baby girl and puppyson—and, most importantly, an ardent pursuer of that which is true and good.

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