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A Day in the Life of a Wedding Photographer

January 3, 2018   When Robin asked me to write this post it was a no-brainer. Would I love to share what a day in the life of a wedding photographer is like? Ummm, YES! This is ONLY the thing I …


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Why Choosing Your Venue First Matters

Why Choosing Your Venue First Matters   November 21, 2017   She stood behind the drawn, lace curtains marking the aisle’s entryway. These curtains had hung in her grandmother’s house. Now they were hers. She delicately passed her right hand over ...

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Tiptoeing Through Treviso on your Honeymoon

Tiptoeing Through Treviso on your Honeymoon   October 12, 2017   There is something enchanting about taking a step over the horizon of our seemingly mundane day-to-day into a new land. Into a new adventure. Into places where the colors of …


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Bachelorette, Budget and No Booze

Bachelorette, Budget and No Booze   September 11, 2017   While the idea of a traditional bachelorette party may bring to mind women in matching t-shirts bar hopping the night away, many women are abandoning this concept and celebrating bachelorette parties …


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Making New Traditions

Making New Traditions   August 7, 2017   We all know how passionate brides are about their weddings, but some brides are more laid back than others. These will probably elope or have a small, intimate wedding. I highly recommend having …


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My Spirit Animal Bride

My Spirit Animal Bride   July 5, 2017   It was recently suggested to me by a person in the medical field that I find my spirit animal. At first I thought the idea was silly, but on my way …


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What To Do When He’s Just Not That Into Wedding Planning

What To Do When He’s Just Not That Into Wedding Planning   May 1, 2017   Modern day grooms are not sure what their roles are in planning a wedding. Some men will oblige their fiancée by picking one detail …


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Our 2017 Show

Our 2017 Show After months and months of planning — it takes just as long to plan a bridal show as it does a wedding! — The Boutique Bridal Show went off without a hitch January 22, 2017. If we ...

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The Bride Speaks: Wedding Planning Tips

The Bride Speaks   December 12, 2016   The big day is finally here! All of your wedding planning, blood, sweat and tears (lots of tears) have finally paid off. You've got the incredible venue, the perfect dress and that ...