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Bachelorette, Budget and No Booze


September 11, 2017


While the idea of a traditional bachelorette party may bring to mind women in matching t-shirts bar hopping the night away, many women are abandoning this concept and celebrating bachelorette parties in other ways. In fact, the new trend is having a no-booze bachelorette party, which can really free up the budget. There are plenty of ways to have a fun and memorable bachelorette party that don’t involve alcohol.

Here are 3 tips to help you achieve an enjoyable and cherished night for the bride-to-be and her party guests.

Make a Plan

First, and most importantly, talk with the bride before planning the bachelorette party. She may have an activity she absolutely wants to do, décor she would like to see or a game she would like to play. Discussing potential scenarios like locations, games, activities and music is exciting, but setting a budget for the party is crucial too.

While one guest may be able to spend $1,500, someone else may only be able to fork out $300. “Before you make grand plans, reach out to all the women invited and see what their budget is,” suggests Brides magazine. Find a way to accommodate everyone or as many people as possible. Consider using an anonymous online survey ( to inquire about budgets.

Stay in Your City and Under Budget

Since you’ve decided to set a budget, keep in mind that enjoying the party in your own city or in one nearby can really lower the cost. A spa day is a relaxing and fun activity that every woman will enjoy. Attending a fun exercise class is also a great idea. You can try a Pilates or Zumba class, a yoga session or head to a more creative workout, such as a barre class or dance lesson. Studios offer classes for many different styles of dancing, including salsa, ballroom, hip-hop and more. At Glide Studios of Lafayette, for instance, a bridal party can have a private Swing or Cajun/Zydeco dance lesson.

For the more creative bride, consider a crafting activity. From knitting to pottery making to painting, there are plenty of creative outlets and, as a bonus, everyone gets to take their creations home, which makes for a memory they can keep forever. Many cities also have group cooking classes, a great alternative to eating dinner at a restaurant.

If you’d rather stay home and host a party, think of fun activities that include everyone. You can host a movie night, bake everyone’s favorite desserts or set up a craft table. Another idea is to have a spiritual healer come and provide tarot card readings. If you want to try a pop-up shop, there are plenty of companies who will come to your home to sell items such as jewelry and clothing.

Plan a Destination Trip on a Budget

If the bride-to-be is set on a destination trip, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities just because you’re on a budget—but you’ll need to carefully plan to keep costs lower. For example, travel to non-traditional locations, such as Nashville, TN, or Washington, D.C. Also, consider traveling in the off-season when airfare, hotels and other prices drop.

Booking on Airbnb or VRBO instead of with a hotel can help you save too. Or, choose a location that’s drivable to skip on airfare. Instead of planning for three or four nights, opt for one or two. If possible, choose weeknights over weekends. Instead of eating out for every meal, grocery shop and cook some meals from your Airbnb kitchen. Don’t forget to ask for discounts when booking anything, and check websites such as for deals.

The most important part of planning a bachelorette party is ensuring you keep the party in accordance with the bride’s style, interests and lifestyle. With these suggestions, there will be endless opportunities to enjoy each other’s company and create memories that everyone will cherish forever.


— Aimee Lyons

Aimee created DIYDarlin to share her DIY knowledge and serve as a forum to learn from other DIYers. She loves party-planning, crafting, refurbishing furniture, remodeling rooms, and landscaping.


Local classes, dance studios and pop-up shops to make any bachelorette party memorable.

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