My Spirit Animal Bride -

My Spirit Animal Bride


July 5, 2017


It was recently suggested to me by a person in the medical field that I find my spirit animal. At first I thought the idea was silly, but on my way home I kept seeing birds everywhere. A flock flew in front of my vehicle for miles. Despite my hesitation, my spirit animal had found me.


I champion and support brides each and every day as The Wedding Doula, so I also feel like brides are my other spirit animal. If any living thing can potentially become a spirit animal, why can’t a bride be mine? Brides represent all different types of people with distinct personalities and some strong opinions.


Spirit animals are a form of spiritual guide kind of like a guardian angel. And what bride couldn’t use a little extra guidance and support in planning for the big day? Your spirit animal could be a favorite pet from childhood, an animal you keep encountering over and over (like my birds) or one that appears in your dreams. The No. 1 thing you can gain by connecting with your spirit animal is wisdom.


In the spirit animal world, the bear feels a deep connection to the outdoors, so brides planning an outdoor wedding may want to turn to this powerful beast. The butterfly represents transformation, so what better animal to symbolize a marriage? There’s a reason why couples release them during the ceremony. The deer is confident and successful, representing a bride who has it all under control, while the horse represents an appetite for freedom and expression, thus a bride bucking tradition and truly personalizing her wedding.


Think about what your spirit animal might be and then think about how you can incorporate their traits and symbolism into your wedding day. It doesn’t have to be as obvious as a butterfly release, but you can let your spirit animal guide you through the process.


For me, the birds I saw on my way home that day represented positive changes in my life and finding my voice. As brides embark on the life-changing decision of marriage, they must learn to express themselves, respect the opinions of their partner and, ultimately, soar together.


– The Wedding Doula


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