What To Do When He's Just Not That Into Wedding Planning -

What To Do When He’s Just Not That Into Wedding Planning


May 1, 2017


Modern day grooms are not sure what their roles are in planning a wedding. Some men will oblige their fiancée by picking one detail to share in the responsibility, while others just want to know when and where to show up.


There was a time before Pinterest when the planning process was not at your fingertips. Back then, wedding planning involved driving around interviewing vendors, sampling cake, trying on dresses, etc. Nowadays, brides can view almost everything online and make decisions with the click of a keyboard. (Or they can just attend the Boutique Bridal Show and meet vendors all in one place!)


Many brides have experienced a point where they want and need the groom to be involved just to help with the multitude of decisions that have to be made. Unfortunately, guys just aren’t that into all the wedding details. Don’t take your groom’s disinterest personally; instead, speak up and let him know that a little help will go a long way.


A wedding is the bride’s special day, and a good groom should want his bride to be happy. Communicate to him that he can accomplish this by managing the budget, picking out his own tuxedo, accompanying you to meet the priest or handling something like transportation. If you think about where his interests and skills lie, then you should be able to find something for him to do.


Yay! You’re engaged! Now what? Sit down with your soon-to-be hubby. Pour yourself a glass of wine and grab him a beer. Talk about the vision that you BOTH want for your wedding. Come up with a list of what is most important to you; whether it is the date that you choose, the venue, having a band over a DJ, having an open bar or how many people you want to invite. Make a list. Prioritize that list. And go from there. Making a game plan together, from the start, will keep both of you on the same page. Remember, you are a team!


Going all the way back to the Latin language, you’ll find that fiancé and fiancée are related to the words faith and faithful. As you may have guessed from how the words sound, they come to English through French, where they mean “to promise or to betroth.” One must hope that entering into the formal agreement to marry would adhere to the Latin proverb velle est posse—to be willing is to be able—in this case, to plan a wedding.


So, speak up brides and get that couples communication flowing early to ensure a lasting and happy marriage.

– Katie Thibodeaux (Soon to be Pesson)

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